Vogue 8248, or I made a shirt!

I’ve decided to return to blogging, and integrate my two blogs here at adayintheleaf so you’ll see a range of different posts from now on.

I decided to have a crack at my first shirt (apart from Dan’s pyjama shirt, which I’ll post later). So I chose ‘Very Easy’ Vogue, thinking that would be a good place to start. It has dolman sleeves, which are sleeves that extend from the bodice without a seam. When I bought this pattern, I also bought some fabric for it from Spotlight, but I had fears that floral fabric would turn out a bit dowdy-looking like the pattern envelope cover.

Pattern front
Pattern front
Pattern back
Pattern back

Not very inspiring artwork.

Instead, I decided to chop into some Liberty cotton, because then the shirt couldn’t help but look at least half nice. For those who don’t know, Liberty is a famous (but expensive) London brand that makes well designed patterns into the softest lightest smoothest comfiest cotton, usually what is known as lawn or voile.

Well, I wouldn’t say the pattern was “Very Easy”, perhaps for someone who is experienced. I had some trouble with the collar, since the instructions don’t tell you why they want you to do something, just to do it. But several curses, and a shortish break from the project in between, resulted in something I think I can be fairly proud of. I think it fits very well. There is extra fabric at the underarm as it is a dolman sleeve, but this is quite comfy, gives lots of room for my arms to move and will be nice and breezy for summer.

Dan and I are still working on the modelling side of things, so forgive the awkward photos.

V8248 outfit

V8248 close up

I’m looking forward to making some more shirts as I wear them an awful lot. I’ve bought a book on shirtmaking so I can better understand the fundamentals and make a more traditional shirt.

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